Friday, February 13, 2009

Adelphia Cable TV

Adelphia Cable
Adelphia Cable Service Divided into Comcast and Time Warner
As you probably have heard by now, Adelphia has been picked up by Time Warner Cable and Comcast Communications which can provide you with faster speeds, a larger customer service team and hopefully an improved overall cable Internet experience. During this transition, the reliable Cable company is remaining commited to its current customers and you can still order Adelphia cable service and in many areas, Adelphia Internet for as little as $23.95 a month.
Adelphia Cable Services
Quality service and all the extras that make life easier and more enjoyable are just a few of Adelphia’s service advantages. Adelphia offers zooming High Speed Internet service and the latest Digital Cable Television programming and upgrades, at affordable prices. That’s not all; Adelphia subscribers who bundle services garner even greater savings on their monthly bill.
Adelphia High Speed Internet
With Adelphia High Speed Internet, you’re constantly connected at speeds of up to 6 Mbps downstream and 768 Kbps upstream. So whether you’re after news and information, music and video streaming, photo sharing and more, you get it all, fast and easy. Other features included with an Adelphia High Speed Internet subscription, include:
Email and Storage: Adelphia offers up to 10 email accounts per subscription, depending on your package. You also get 150 MB of storage space to share between all accounts. In addition, you get 10 MB of free Web space. (Adelphia offers Web hosting for an addition fee).
Security and Support: Adelphia gives you all the technical support and security features to let you surf the Web with ease. In addition to 24/7 technical support, seven days a week, Adelphia provides free Internet security software from Freedom Internet Security. The package includes virus protection, firewall, pop-up blockers, privacy manager, spyware protection, parental controls and pop-up blockers.
Web Portal Features: Once you enter Adelphia’s web portal, your online experience is truly enhanced. Here, subscribers can access their e-mail accounts, anytime, anywhere. Basic content includes: news, sports, games, local info and more. You also get premium content, such as Adelphia Music, offering 200,000 songs to download or listen on demand, games from Shockwave Unlimited, photo editing and sharing from Snapfish, and weather from The Weather Channel.
Adelphia Digital Cable Television
Adelphia Digital Cable Television offers easy, flexible entertainment options, with all of today’s leading technology upgrades. Adelphia’s Valuepaks offers you local channels at no additional fees, the freedom from long-term contracts and uninterrupted music at no additional charge. You can also upgrade to premium channels, such as HBO, Showtime and Starz and enjoy convenient, at-home movie ordering with On Demand and Pay-per-view.
In addition to expansive programming options, Adelpia Digital Cable TV brings you exciting and innovative product upgrades. Technology upgrades include: HDTV with 5x’s the resolution of regular TV plus Dolby digital surround sound; Digital Video Recorder – ensuring that you never miss your favorite shows, sporting event, and movies; and Video on Demand – saving you from movie rental late fees and providing you with insta-access to hundreds on movies and programming options.
That’s not all; Adelphia customers interested in streamlining their entertainment units can subscribe to Adelphia’s CableCARD. This feature provides customers who own digital-ready TV sets with direct access to digital and high definition programming, along with limited digital features, without a cumbersome set-top box.
Adelphia Advantagepaks
If you want both High Speed Internet service and Digital Cable TV, subscribe to both at once and save. With Adelphia Advantagepaks, you save $10 per month when you sign up for High Speed Internet service and any Adelphia Cable TV Valuepak at the same time. Imagine, quality entertainment and communication features with the convenience of one bill and one company to manage. What could be better than that?
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